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Please note that our March drill has been cancelled in accordance with direction from National Headquarters. All Sea Cadet activities are cancelled through 15 May.

14 MAR SAT DRILL, Standard Weekend
0800 Muster at running track in Brigantine, 301 East Evans Blvd
Regulation PT gear, white socks, athletic shoes, hydration, sunscreen, bug spray, seabag
0805 PRT Set-up/Briefing
1000 ETD for Station (time not exact)
1015 ETA at Station
Personal Hygiene
1030 Lunch collection/admin/supply
1100 Military Drill
1200 Lunch
1300 Class
1400 Seabag Inspection
1430 Class
1515 Field Day
1545 Final Formation
1400 Secure

15 MAR SUN DRILL - Standard Weekend
0730 Officer & CPO Muster (Khaki or NWUs)
0750 Muster for Inspection, NWUs
W/Seabag, PT Gear, CCS, Pen/cil, Notebook
0800 Colors, formal uniform inspection, military drill
0830 Admin/Lunch collection, etc
0900 Admin, Supply, etc
1000 PT
1100 Class
1200 Lunch
1300 Class
1400 Class
1430 Seabag Inspection
1515 Field Day
1545 Final Formation
1600 Secure