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In May 2018 we visited Norfolk. We weren't allowed to take photos everywhere, but we had a group photo taken on USS Abraham Lincoln

We donated winter clothing to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission

We attended the Change of Command ceremony in New Castle, DE, for Taylor Division. We also provided the Color Guard for the ceremony

In September 2015 we participated in the Port Republic carboard and duct tape boat regatta. We had a lot of fun and won several trophies.
Final touches to USS (Cou)rage:

Ready to sail!

In March we spent our last drill day in the old Boathouse at the Station. We are awaiting the new building to come

We delivered canned goods to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Here is some of what we collected:

In November 2014, we were part of a group to visit Norfolk. We visited several ships, and had the chance to use the surface ship trainer.

Atlantic City Division had four cadets participate in the 5K run in Ocean City. Here are a couple of pictures

September drill took us to Sea Girt Island to visit the National Guard Museum

At the Range

Getting ready to end our day...

As part of learning Morse code, we made our own keys...

2011 Award Ceremony

League Cadet of the Year, 2011

Sea Cadet of the Year, 2011

Color Guard

Ventor Parade

Parade in Ventnor

July saw us on and in the water, right at the Station...

Getting ready to launch

Enjoying the water

Kayaking was followed by swim call....

The Chief demonstrates using dungaree pants as a flotation device.

We held our Pre-Boot Weekend at Fort Indiantown Gap with a lot of other units. Those who weren't recruits served as staff...


Behind the scenes in the galley.The food was great.

All hands at the end of Pre-Boot.

March took us to the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delawre. We learned a lot about aviation....

Our annual Awards Ceremony was held in January.

Navy League Cadet of the Year

Sea Cadet of the Year

Recipient of the VFW Leadership Award

Our top cadets of the year.

We took advantage of perfect weather during the August drill to do some kayaking right at the Station....

Getting started

Getting back in the kayak after capsizing

The end of the day

June drill had us doing several activities. We spent some time learning to use flares during the Coast Guard Station's Family Day. We also practiced some damage control training thanks to the Coast Guard...

"These flares are hot!"

Damage control

We had several exciting activities during March drill. Petty Officer Tallio and Seaman Nelson went out with the Coast Guard for some training in the morning....

...and we had a picture perfect day for Orienteering in the afternoon.

In the classroom before going out in the woods.

"We found our way out!"

These photos were taken at the Brigantine Veterans' Day Parade...

We had a beautiful day at Penn's Landing and the Independence Seaport Museum...

On the deck of the USS Olympia

At Penns Landing

We ate lunch outside

All hands were tired out at the end of the day...

These are photos from our day at the range in October...

Shooting at the bench

Taking a break

Is this before or after shooting?

Waiting for the next turn at the bench

Here are some pictures from summer training in Canada...

Learning to fire the field gun

Learning to fire the field gun

Learning to fire the field gun

Visiting Ft. Anne in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Practicing Canadian style rifle drill

These are from summer training at Station Atlantic City...

Training at Station Atlantic City

More training at Atlantic City

Isn't that bell polished yet?

Here are some pictures from the 10th Anniversary celebration Mess Dinner...

The Commanding Officer and Cadets

Several Cadets and their dates for the evening

The Head Table

Petty Officer Alexis Soto receives his promotion

Chaplain LT Kathy Gladfelter and Executive Officer ENS Bobbie Walker

Head chef Ltjg Larry Gladfelter hard at work

Chefs LCDR Patrick O'Brion and Instructor Kelly Tallio

Former cadets Kate Mottola, Nick Mottola, and Mark Lazar