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Personal electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc) are not permitted at drill! Effective immediately, each infraction will result in a 30-day promotion delay.

PRT regulations have changed. You MUST pass your PRT to remain enrolled. You can find the PT requirements here.

Don't forget to bring your course assignment to drill. Cadets are required to bring at least one completed assignment to each drill except when planning to take a promotion exam.

We will be attending the Brigantine Veterans' Day ceremony on Sunday, 10 November. We need parents to transport cadets to and from Brigantine.

If you have your service record from summer training, be sure you bring it to drill with you.If we do not have your service record, you may not attend.You must include ALL certificates, evals, etc in order to get credit for the training. Original certificates will be returned to you after your record has been updated.

Be prepared to apply for the billet of your choice at November drill. All positions are open for qualified cadets.

Only uniform issue PT gear is acceptable for PT. Cadets have been issued either a regulation sweat suit, or regulation PT shirt and shorts, or both. These are the only acceptable gear for PT. Cadets who do not bring proper PT gear to drill (including shoes and white socks) are subject to a 10-day promotion delay.