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Personal electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc) are not permitted at drill! Effective immediately, each infraction will result in a 30-day promotion delay.

Please do not use Facebook or Facebook messenger to contact the CO. Please send an email instead. It is checked far more frequently, so you are more likely to get a timely response. Also, if you are mailing any kind of paperwork, please do NOT send it requiring a signature. This will delay delivery by several days. First class mail works great.

We will be participating in the Shirley May 5K run in May. This will be a group run, not competitive. It is meant to be a fun activity, and a chance to show our Division off in the local community. It is also a fundraiser, so cadets are to pay the registration fee. You are all encouraged to find a sponsor or two to help support you. You can find more information on the "schedule" page.

Passing PRT is a requirement for some summer training, and a requirement for every promotion. Depending on the training you wish to attend, you may be required to pass PRT in order to apply.

Check out the training schedule on homeport before drill and be ready to select your training this drill. You must be registered in Magellan by either the CO or Training Officer, so be ready to make the best use of time at drill.

Don't forget to plan for summer training. Check websites for the individual training for seabag lists and other information.

Start planning now for Memorial Day parades. We expect to attend our usual parades in Absecon and Margate. We need every cadet to plan to attend one of these parades in order to cover them all. Come out and show your pride in the Division!

We will be issuing summer whites this drill. Check your whites for size and be ready to trade up if necessary. NWU parkas and peacoats must be turned in to receive your whites.

Only uniform issue PT gear is acceptable for PT. Cadets have been issued either a regulation sweat suit, or regulation PT shirt and shorts, or both. These are the only acceptable gear for PT. Cadets who do not bring proper PT gear to drill (including shoes and white socks) are subject to a 10-day promotion delay.