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Please notice our new cell phone policy. Cadets will be permitted to bring cell phones to drill, but MUST turn them in immediately upon arrival, and remember to pick them up at the end of the day. Abuse of this new policy may result in rescinding the policy.

All Sea Cadet activities are cancelled until 15 June.

Be sure to join our new Team App group. You shoudl have received an email invitation already

Check the "News" page to be sure that your medical exam and medical history is current. You are not allowed to attend drill if these forms are expired. Each one must be renewed every year. Don't miss out!

--> PRT regulations have changed. You MUST pass your PRT to remain enrolled. You can find the PT requirements here. We will be conducting the semi-annual PRT on Saturday, 14 March at the running track in Brigantine.

Here are links to "How-to" videos for the curl-up and push-up portions of the PRT: curl-ups and push ups Don't forget to bring your course assignment to drill. Cadets are required to bring at least one completed assignment to each drill except when planning to take a promotion exam.

Summer training fees have been announced. They are as follows:
  • 1-day $25
  • 2-days $50
  • 3-days $75
  • 4-days $100
  • 5-7 days $150
  • 8-11 days $220
  • 12-14 days $300
  • 15-16 days $375

Please note that there may be some high-cost trainings that will cost more. It is expected that training will start to appear on Homeport by the end of March. Start looking now!

Only uniform issue PT gear is acceptable for PT. Cadets have been issued either a regulation sweat suit, or regulation PT shirt and shorts, or both. These are the only acceptable gear for PT. Cadets who do not bring proper PT gear to drill (including shoes and white socks) are subject to a 10-day promotion delay.