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Personal electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc) are not permitted at drill! Effective immediately, each infraction will result in a 30-day promotion delay.

Check the "News" page to be sure that your medical exam and medical history is current. You are not allowed to attend drill if these forms are expired. Each one must be renewed every year. Don't miss out!

Cadets who wish to attend winter training should contact the CO before drill so that paperwork can be completed and service records given out at December drill.

Be sure to dress warmly both days of drill. We will be outdoors for awhile each drill day. Plan accordingly.

We will be moving PT to the morning half of drill. Be sure to eat a good breakfast prior to drill in order to do your best. Remember that you need to pass PT in order to get your promotion. Also, remember to bring your hydration.

We will begin issuing Dress Blues this drill. Check your blues for size and be ready to trade up if necessary. Don't be caught next month with a uniform that is too small!

Only uniform issue PT gear is acceptable for PT. Cadets have been issued either a regulation sweat suit, or regulation PT shirt and shorts, or both. These are the only acceptable gear for PT. Cadets who do not bring proper PT gear to drill (including shoes and white socks) are subject to a 10-day promotion delay.